Site Access Management Ltd
Providing UK site providers and their agents with highly specialised telecoms site access management services.


The SAM team has over 18 years combined experience in the UK mobile and telecoms sector. We are highly skilled in all aspects of telecoms site access management.

At SAM we recognise the importance of ensuring the operators and their many contractors are comprehensively monitored each and every time they visit their telecoms equipment. We understand the complex challenges involved with monitoring and controlling the operators site access activity and the duty of care every site provider is under.

We have developed a highly sophisticated online site access management system which the operators and their contractors use to arrange site visits of all forms including out of hours and emergency site access requests.

Our gold standard services are offered not only to site providers but also their retained agents, including the specialist telecoms agents.

We guarantee that our services will save you time and money allowing you to focus on your core business.


Fundamentally, our services are designed to protect site providers against the many risks associated with 3rd party contractors requesting access to a telecoms site.

Whether you have one site or multiple sites, SAM offers bespoke site access management solutions that will fully protect your property assets or those of your clients.

The SAM team have been involved in telecoms site access management for many years. We intrinsically understand the telecoms sector. Our services bring conformity and standardisation to the minefield that is differing Risk Assessments and Method Statements prepared by the operators and their contractors.

The SAM team process access requests 24 /7 – 365 day a year. A true end to end service.

Whether the access request is for a routine site visit or for substantial works, we have the expertise and skills to process every access request efficiently and comprehensively.

Our services are designed to shift the burden of responsibility of site access management away from your valuable team.

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